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  • Skip's images

    Ian (Skip) Skipworth took many beautiful images and videos during the SFP Expedition. Click the link below to view his gallery.

  • Cool fish images!

    The fish site contains some wonderful images.  This gallery contains a small selection of interesting images that have been recently added to the site.  The images have been sent from a wonderful community of keen divers, snorkelers, anglers, aquarists and fish enthusiasts.  Thank you one and all.

  • Search fish images by keyword

    Simply type the word 'fishes' followed by your keywords into the box at the bottom of the screen.  Use any order or combination. Too easy!

  • This week in Fish: First Kidako Moray image

    This week sees the addition of some great new movies.  The Halfband Snake Eel descending backwards into the sand is pretty amazing.  The Lepidion swimming at over a kilometre below the surface is worth a look and the male Pacific Leaping Blenny 'frantically' trying to attract females certainly brought a smile to my face.  There are also some great new images.  What is possibly the first photo of a live Kidako Moray and the oh-so-cute baby boxfish are just two of a great bunch.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

  • This week in Fish: Mystery skeleton and great images

    This week the international fish community worked together to identify a very strange skeleton.  Some beautiful new images have been added to the site, notably those of a Whale Shark and Fimbriate Moray.  We are also delighted to be able to show an image of a very rare tapetail (baby whalefish) taken by divers in Bali.  The text for another 48 pages has been migrated from the old site!

  • Fishing Notes images

    The gallery contains a small selection of images from the mysterious Fishing Notes book held in the Museum's Archives.

  • An image captured by WildCount


  • Winning Wildlife Images on Show

    A stunning image of a bluebottle washed ashore is among the 100 award-winning images in the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, opening at the Australian Museum on 28 March 2015. 

  • Point and Shoot #6 - Photoshop and other image editing software

    From the blog series 'Point and Shoot' by Museum photographers Carl Bento and James King

  • Images are not and should not ever be type specimens: a rebuttal to Garraffoni & Freitas


  • Images of 'grieving' kangaroos misinterpreted

    AM Principal Research Scientist Dr Mark Eldridge reveals things are not what they seem – they're far more sinister

  • Kermadec Islands Expedition Image Gallery

    In May 2011, Australian Museum marine scientists Mark McGrouther, Stephen Keable and Mandy Reid joined scientists from New Zealand on an expedition to the remote, volcanic Kermadec Islands to investigate the biodiversity of this marine reserve. These images form part of a small time capsule to help understand how to manage and conserve the biodiversity of this magnificent region.

  • DigiVol: From Glass plate negatives to Digital images

    DigiVol has taken digital images of prints of some of the Australian Museum’s large collection of glass plate negatives.

  • Images that accompany the semiotic analysis of the Indigenous Australians exhibition report

    These images accompany the report A semiotic analysis of the Indigenous Australians exhibition undertaken in 1998 by Professor Bob Hodge, University of Western Sydney.

  • Camera trap image capturing a feral cat