What's on: Planet of Minerals Exhibition

Gain fascinating insights into the wonderful world of minerals.


Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

09.30 AM to 05.00 PM
Level 1, Planet of Minerals Exhibition
Free after admission

Ever wondered how rocks are formed? Want to learn how to identify a mineral?

Containing highlights from the oldest mineral collection in Australia (which features over 53,000 specimens from Australia and overseas), this exhibition offers you the chance to see some of those vibrant specimens up close, learn an abundance of facts and discover what rocks and minerals tell us about Earth's amazing history.

Things to do

  • See beautiful and rare specimens such as stunning crystal formations and the oldest minerals known on Earth. Look out for the 4200 million-year-old zircon found in Western Australia.
  • Discover Australia's earliest mining history - and if you've never seen a gold nugget, here's your chance.
  • Marvel at the brilliance of the geological world by seeing mineral examples from all over the world, including a giant amethyst geode from Brazil and the best collection of Broken Hill minerals in the world.

Ever seen a top private mineral collection?

The Albert Chapman Mineral Collection is a stylishly presented exhibition that features some of the finest examples of minerals ever found. You'll find it right next door to Planet of Minerals.

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