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Practical information for teachers bringing an education group to the Australian Museum.

Student with Diprotodon fossils

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Before your visit to the Museum it is essential that you book your education group excursion with the Booking Officer on (+612) 9320 6222.

Booked groups should consist of a minimum of 10 students, however exceptions do apply.


Your Booking Confirmation form will indicate the cost of your Museum entry and any additional components. Payment by cheque, cash, eftpos or credit card* must be made at the time of your visit.

Invoicing is available to education and tour groups where a minimum invoice total exceeds $100.00. Please ensure you provide our Booking Office with full postal and contact details when making your booking and advise them of your request to invoice.

All groups must bring the Booking Confirmation form on the day of the excursion and present it at the Admissions Desk on entry to the Museum.

*As part of a NSW Government requirement, from 1 July 2012 the Australian Museum will apply a surcharge on all transactions made by credit cards. Surcharge rates are determined on a cost-recovery basis only. No surcharge will be incurred when paying with eftpos, cheque, invoice or cash.

Free entry for teachers prior to their students' excursion

One Teacher's Pass is posted to you after booking and gives you free Museum entry prior to the excursion to allow you to familiarise yourself with the facilities and exhibitions.

Familiarising students

Our research indicates that students gain maximum benefit from their excursion if they have an overview of their program for the day and are familiar with the Museum's floor plan.

Accompanying adults

The Museum highly recommends that at least two adults (including the teacher) accompany each group of 25-30 students. This allows classes to be divided into smaller groups and enhances the students' learning. All accompanying adults should be familiar with the day's program, floorplans and any written materials the students will be using.

  • One adult is admitted free for every student with special needs.
  • One adult is admitted free for every four pre-school children.
  • One adult is admitted free for every four primary school students.
  • One adult is admitted free for every ten secondary school students.

Please photocopy the appropriate materials for students and all accompanying adults before your visit.


On arrival at the Museum the students will be met and briefed about the Museum. It is important that accompanying adults are present for this briefing.

Bag Storage

Museum staff will securely store students' bags.

Moving around the Museum

Teachers and accompanying adults are asked to stay with their groups at all times. Please manage large groups to avoid crowding in any one exhibition or around individual exhibits.


We ask that students enjoying their recess and/or lunch times in their excursion eat and play in Hyde Park, just across the road. This should be included in any excursion risk assessment. Your re-entry to the Museum is free. Alternative locations will be provided in wet weather.


Students are encouraged to bring cameras to record their excursion. There are some temporary exhibitions that do not allow photography and you will be informed about these on arrival.

Ms Helen Wheeler , Education Project Officer
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